Aesthetic Medicine

Rejuvenate and beautify yourself through Aesthetic Medecine. In the anti-aging trend, more and more patients wish to relent the signs of time in a natural manner.

Some alternative techniques to invasive surgeries are botox injections, laser and lights treatments.

Nutritional Therapy

A nutritional check-up can detect nutritional deficiency and imbalances in the patient's body. It will determine the most appropriate diet required to cure the patient body's imbalance.

Full blood and physical check-up. Nutritional advice on food dietary supplements.

Clinical sexology

Sexual, affective and interpersonal difficulties?

Tension in your relationship?

Loss of libido

Problem with sexual identity or orientation?

Sexology can help you overcome these issues and many more.

Be proactive for your health!

With my three specialisations (nutritional therapy, aesthetic medicine and clinical sexology), my objective is to make you benefit your life fully and for a long time! It is an approach clearly based on a attentive listening and prevention.

In this website you will find the different suggested approaches. I propose that you make an appointment for either a check-up consultation or a more precise question concerning my three fields of expertise.

My specialisations:

  • A degree in Morphological, Laser and Anti-age Medicine at the University of Lyon 1 and Paris 7
  • A degree in Clinical Sexology at the ULB
  • A degree from the CERDEN-Brussels (European Centre for Research, development and teaching of Nutritional Therapy)
  • Graduated from the Belgian Scientific Society of Mesotherapy

Dr. Brian Hoang