Injectables are products that are injected using needles or microneedles (mesotherapy). The most injected products are the hyaluronic acid and the botulinic toxin.

There are also mesotherapy products for baldness and for skin rejuvenation.

The botulinic toxin is mainly prescribed for visible lines on the top layers of the face.
By preventing muscular contraction, this toxin prevents the formation of wrinkles. It is a very efficient treatment which lasts from four to six months and is reversible. Its effects are almost immediate.

This product can also be used for other purposes, particularly for the raising of labial commissures and in case of hyperhidrosis (excessivesweating). All botulinic toxins used at my practice are authorised by the federal agency of medication.

The hyaluronic acid is a substance that is naturally secreted and produced by the human body. This substance has the characteristic of absorbing a phenomenal amount of water which makes it particularly useful for the joints, the eyes and the dermis. Thanks to this substance, the skin has a pulpy and voluminous texture.

The hyaluronic acid, in aesthetic medicine, is mainly used for the filling of static wrinkles (the nasolabial fold, the tear trough, etc), the volumising effect (the facial oval, the lips, the nose and the back of the hands) and the instant light touch. The results of the hyaluronic acid are visible after a couple of days and last from 6 to 24 months depending on the treated area . All of the brands of hyaluronic acid used at my practice are bioequivalent, entirely biodegradable and have been tested for years.