Peeling is a medical procedure which allows the regeneration of the skin by removing its thin outer layer.

It consists of the removal of the dead layers of the skin which stimulates the generation of a new skin layer as well as eliminating superficial scars and certain spots that make the patient look younger. 

The skin will not only be more beautiful and glowing but also more plump and hydrated since the peeling activates the fibroblasts, deeper cellswhich give volume to the skin tissues.
There are many types of peelings with more and less powerful effects (more or less profound effects).

Peelings with glycolic acid and peelings with TCA (trichloroacetic acid) are the ones undertaken with certified medical brands (Dermaceutics and Mene &Moy). They do not require neither general anaesthesia nor (or very little) recovery time.

Peelings, if used correctly, are fine concealers of little wrinkles, the lack of radiance, hyperpigmentation, acne and minor scars. In addition to this, when carrying out a healthy way of life, peelings will allow you to fight skin aging efficiently.