With a degree in Medicine from Leuven Catholic University (UCL) in 2005, I have always tried to find a way to avoid turning into medication for help.

This approach was inspired by my father, an acupuncturist doctor, and my mother, a specialist doctor in homeopathy. In our long family medical tradition, feeling ill is already a failure!

Following this preventive and wellness vision, I specialised in many different disciplines that concern sickness prevention and patient wellness.

With the intention of expanding my knowledge in General Medicine, I first studied Nutrition at CERDEN (European Centre for Research, Development and Teaching of Nutritional Therapy)

Given that nutritional health only represents one aspect of the dawning to the wellness of the human being,
 I consequently followed a training on clinical sexology at Brussels Free University (ULB).

Lately, I studied Morphological and Anti-aging Medicine and Aesthetic Lasers Treatment in two prestigious French universities, Lyon1 Claude Bernard and Paris 7.

Since knowledge never stops evolving, I frequently participate in international congresses on Nutrition, Sexology and Anti-age Medicine.

All these studies clearly depict my objective to widely take into consideration the multi-factor dimension of human beings.

Looking forward to meeting you.


Dr Brian Hoang.

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